Summer Update

Wow this summer has flown by! We have been having so much fun that we keep forgetting to post pictures after events. In addition to our regular instructional meetings, Lisa has hosted several social events in Green Bay. We hope to have a few more trips to the zoo and park days before the chilly days of autumn arrive. We will post details in our facebook group.

We hope to see you soon!  Watch our calendar and facebook page for more info!  We will post an updated events list later today.


Is it spring yet? (an update for April)

April has been a busy month!  Our chapter has four regular meetings scheduled plus a training day for potential VBEs!  We can’t wait for our volunteer pool to expand so we can reach even more caregivers in more communities.  We recently asked our facebook followers where they were located and the response was huge.  There is such a need for additional local meetings in the Lakeshore area and throughout the Fox Valley.  I am excited for future chapter growth and to help new chapters form to reach these communities on the edges of our coverage areas.

Are you interested in starting meetings in your town?  While we can’t travel everywhere, or even to half of the communities we want to, we can help you learn through our facebook group and through our centralized meetings.  We currently hold monthly meetings in Menasha, Appleton, Green Bay, and now Marinette.  Come to a meeting or three, get a feel for our organization, and talk to one of our current VBEs about volunteering your time to help other caregivers discover the benefits of babywearing!

We will start scheduling social events, in addition to our instructional meetings, as the weather improves.  These will be less structured and feel more like a playdate.  We will still help you with your carrier(s) as needed, but will focus more on fun.  Zoo trip anyone?  Comment below to tell us what fun outing you would be interested, or to offer constructive criticism on a recent meeting.


Image (sleeping 2 year old in semi-fwcc in a size 4 woven wrap)

Spring Belly to Baby Expo 2014


We had so much fun at the Belly to Baby expo in Green Bay on March 23. It is always a joy to show expectant & new moms their carrier options.  Here are some photos – I wish we had taken more, but it’s near impossible to take pictures while teaching! The fall Expo will be September 7th from noon to 3:30 at St. Mary’s Roller Rink – hope to see you there!  Comment below with ways we can improve 🙂


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